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My goal for 2021-2022 is together endure and overcome this pandemic, and find ways to sustain our businesses. With your help, I want to mentor entrepreneurs launch sustainable start-ups, assist existing business owners to revamp their business operations and develop a weekly accountability action plan to increase sales and sustain profitability. This will require diligence and commitment. I will be available to be used as a mentor and accountability partner to ensure your business is on the right path.

And for those existing business owners desiring to expand in the Government procurement space (Federal, Defense, 50 States, Cities, Counties, Transits, Education, and Fortune 1000 or Large Government Primes), my goal is to prepare them with requisite government compliance knowledge and skills to bid and win all eligible government contracts, subcontracts, and grants opportunities. I will be your weekly government business coach until you succeed.

In addition, if you are newly arrived immigrants or refugees, I love to work with you step by step to get you started in the right direction and avoid pitfalls. Since I offer my FREE mentoring services nationwide via e-mail, it doesn't matter where you're located. I watched and interviewed hundreds of Asian immigrants to overcome discrimination, language challenge, and financial hardship, but successfully open up and sustain businesses of all kinds since 1971. Amazingly most succeeded and successfully retired. I'll reveal their success secret if you join my mentoring services! You can do it too! Sound too good to be true? You are in luck. This is a completely free service offered by SCORE. So let's get moving. It's never too late to set up a new goal to start a business or regroup your business offering, or go for the gold in the U.S. Government space!

My mentoring approach is to coach you for both of us to invest time and resources so that you can research and identify issues or causes, customize the best practices, design cost-effective solutions to remove obstacles, strengthen capacity and expand capability to sustain a long-term profitable operation. All my mentoring services require lots of homework on the part of the client for self-discovery but I will try to be there with you to mitigate challenges but encourage you!

If you have successfully sold products or services commercially and want to expand in the Federal government marketplace, you have to utilize your hidden ace card. The Federal Government is the largest buyer of products and services in the US and the SBA literally has a variety of customized programs to help small businesses compete for and win these federal contracts.

If you a socially or economically disadvantaged business, or woman-owned, or socially disadvantaged woman-owned, or disabled veteran, or located in the economically distressed area, or newly arrived immigrants or refuges socially or economically disadvantaged, the Government helps provide a level playing field for these special small businesses. The government limits competition for certain contracts to small businesses. Those contracts are called “small business set-asides,” and they help small businesses compete for and win federal contracts.

I bring 30+ years of diverse Federal and States government procurement background, Fortune 100 contracting subcontracting, and the in-depth knowledge in the Federal Acquisition Regulation as well as all States’ procurement laws and regulations.

If you are interested in expanding grants and contracts beyond these temporary PPP’s, it will beneficial to discover who is purchasing your products or services, quickly master necessary federal or state purchasing paths and regulations, know who and how to contact, understand what rules to abide by, develop government marketing and sales skills, and learn to avoid certain bids or solicitations, submit a bid, win, and manage government projects.

One of the easies entries to the Government market or the first recommended step is acquiring a GSA Schedule. Almost all successful federal contractors have these 20-year GSA Schedule contracts.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules also known as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) is long-term Federal government-wide contracts with commercial firms providing federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services (from janitorial to professional engineering) at volume discount pricing. Opportunities are increased as GSA is a major purchaser of products and services sold by small businesses.

In 2020, the U.S. Government awarded 26.50 percent or $132.9 billion in federal contract dollars to small businesses. If you diligently prepare your business, establish favorable track record, and invest requisite time and money, you will become highly competitive in local, state, and federal bids. The U.S. Government is still the largest buyer of goods and services in the world. In addition, states and local government as well as transit organizations nationwide collectively spend more than thousands of billions of dollars for procurement. I’ll see you soon.

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